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Arcade Games for Kids in Scarborough, Toronto

One other reason why we are famous for entertainment. Along with other great attractions, we are proud to offer a great Arcade Zone. Be it competing against your friends or just yourself! Embrace the challenge and rejoice when you win the game. Have hours of competitive fun, ensuring non-stop excitement.

Maybe instead you have a need for speed. We have a fantastic set of Racing Arcade Games—specifically, The Fast and the Furious: Drift. Race against the computer or against your friends, customize your car and save your progress as you conquer all the circuits and top the leaderboard!

We are the top place for family fun. You’ll have an absolute blast in our Arcade Zone—we guarantee it! Whether you have a kids birthday party coming up, or celebrating a graduation or other important day, or just want to spend a couple hours in a great fun environment, Epic planet Fun is the place for you. We’re the best indoor playground in Scarborough, Toronto, dedicated to providing you with award-winning attractions, thrilling games, and fun-filled memories to last a lifetime!

  • All our Arcade machines can be accessed by purchasing rechargeable cards.
  • Rechargeable cards don’t have an expiry. You can always come back and use leftover credits.
  • Our arcade are liked by Toddlers , Kids, Teens and Adults.
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We are open from 10am-6pm on 22nd June, Saturday. Have an Epic Day ahead!!!