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Science Experiments At Home

There are few that you can print out from the internet like the good old Coca-Cola bottle full of coke and you put menthol candies on the bottle very fast and run. The Coca-Cola will explode like a volcano so you need to be quick. This should be done outside on a flat surface as it is messy. Great fun to talk about why the drink actually reacts with the menthol candy.
More experiments can be seen on this link.


Reading To Kids, Kids Reading To You, You Reading With Them

There are many ways to make this work, whatever is the most helpful way to get your kids engaged in reading. It might be listening audiobooks as well. But just making the space to read and showing interest in this will help.

Keep Kids Busy Playing Games With Them

Card games, board games like monopoly, uno. or try puzzles or jigsaw that you can get them to do on their own. Whatever it is that you have at home. You might even order some at-home delivery or print out from the internet, create your own.

Set Up Daily Routines To Keep Kids Busy

It is easier when you get kids to co-operate and get them to set a schedule for the day and week with them. Get them to make the calendar with you, so that you and they know what you do what time of the day. Believe me, it gets easier with a little bit of planning. Make sure you have playtime, read time and lunch scheduled in. Also, make sure your work time is there when you can get your kids to be self-sufficient. Have a look at the download with this episode that you can use as a template.

Get Kids To Help You On Cooking

Make kids measure things with you.  Kids will lead by doing the measuring and pouring this to the pot and this is a great way to connect with them and get them to help you as well. And Voila, you have done a maths lesson for your kids as well.

Keep Kids Busy With Sports Outside

Hide and seek, tip, treasure hunt or play football with them, whatever it is that gets them moving. Make sure you have exercise scheduled in on your day. You can do this inside if you do not have space to run in a garden.

Doing Arts And Crafts

You can find great resources on the Internet to print out for your kids. Get them to paint on fingers only (messy but fun) or using an old toothbrush, coloring books, stickers, watercolors ready and available at your home.

How To Keep Kids Busy Sensibly With Internet

How much screen time you give to your kids? Can you use the internet sparingly? Use it educationally? Watch documentaries with them. Or make sure you Facetime with your grandparents or family that you cannot see as you would normally do.

Make sure they get downtime not to do nothing at all where they can do free play and create their own games as well. Hope this is helping you to structure your day more and keeping your kids happy and engaged.


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